Monday, December 21, 2009

Santana Row

Another one of my favorite places to shop or just go to. The restauraunts are amazing too.


Soho is the only place I will probably love in New York.

Beverly Hills - Rodeo Drive

A picture of Rodeo Drive. Here they have all the designer stores imaginable. I've been here like three times. Absolutely love it.

London Shoppinf District

Shopping in London is like a dream come true.

London is my second most favorite place after LA, of course :) I love everything about it: the accents, the features, the shopping! It is also one of the fashion capitols of the world. It has Harrods, one of the biggest stores to shop in too. I <3LONDON!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

real life set #4

my "night on the town" kind of outfit. i love that trench. it makes such a statement :]

real life set #3

this is another! my fabulous boots go with everything! lol!

real life outfit #2

another real life outfit. a bubble top with a cardigan, skinny jeans, and a beautiful scarf from china that matches perfectly! the other things are just accessories. dont you love my boots?!

real life outfit

i love this outfit i put together because it is very bold and unique. it also pops with color and grabs attention!

real life

polyvore mosiac

my first polyvore mosiac. it came out well!

polyvore set

another polyvore set im proud of!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

AAAHHHH I JUST BOUGHT MY FIRST COACH PURSEE!!! im trying to find a picture of it online and then ill post it.

Polyvore Set

This is one of my most popular sets on Polyvore. I am really proud of how it came out and I luv how I made that golden yellow complement everything else :]

Winters 15 Must-Have Trends

1. sequined cardigans
2. leather jackets
3. cross body bags
4. Houndstooth
5. over-the-knee boots
6. leapord print scarves
7. statement earrings
8. strong-shoulder blazers
9. funky tights
10. fuzzy coats/faux fur
11. fair isle
12. statement belts
13. camel coats
14. slouchy beanies
15. suiting dresses


Top 5 Fashion Sites and Mags


-People Style Watch
-Teen Vogue
-Harpers Bazaar
Hey! Check out the site: High Heel Confidential to see what Indian stars are wearing and how! People Style Watch is very similar only for American stars. On that site I especially love the column "I Really Love My...". Also check out the "Top 5 Looks for Less" to see what's "in" and how to get them for a cheap price!

my fashion icons

I love Vanessa's style. Its so bohemian chic. I love how she puts things together and makes wise style decisions.
Lauren Conrad is a major fashionista. Must I say more?
Rachel Bilson always knows how to accessorize and make a statement!
Audrina Patridge is gorgeous herself and on the scene!

my favorite.........

Friday, November 27, 2009

My Polyvore Sets


bonjour! welcome to my blog! feel free to check out anything!